Why we shouldn’t call anything “something”, instead of everything. And here’s why.

It was summer of 2013 and the internet was ripe with conversation on the twittersphere about “something” jokingly being referred to as “anything” on trendy online memes. Fast forward to 2019 and we’re finally stepping out of our cocoon and into the days ahead, but no one saw it coming. 

If something can cause someone to feel something, how can we call ourselves moral if continue to acknowledge it exists? Growing pains are expected with any shift in thought, but now we know anything could be everything if anything was one thing – but that isn’t always the case. One thing, isn’t something, it’s what we grew up with in the 90’s. It was old fashioned sticks-and-stones culture, and that’s just “how it was in the old days.”

So maybe next time you think to call a thing “something”, remember that it could be anything, and we all play a role in making it exactly that.